What’s Blooming At Riveredge?

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The immense beauty of the wildflowers at Riveredge are starting to unfold before our eyes, our Director of Research and Conservation, Mandie Zopp, wants to share some of the amazing flowers and plants you can find blooming at Riveredge right now and where you can find them. Check back to our blog each week(ish) for new updates and a new Plant of the Week!

New Blooms as of May 24, 2018 (this is not a comprehensive list, but a sample of some of the most common flowers currently blooming)

Plant of the Week: Shooting Star (Can be found in prairie areas and on the south side of Main Building)

Shooting star is one of the indicators of a high quality habitat. The petals are white, light pink, or rosy pink. There is no floral scent. In overall appearance, the inflorescence looks like a collection of pretty shooting stars, hence the common name for this plant. The blooming period occurs during late spring and lasts about a month. The flowers do not offer any nectar reward; bumblebees, collecting pollen, are the most typical visitors. Habitats include moist to slightly dry black soil prairies, hill prairies, openings in rocky upland forests, limestone glades, bluffs along major rivers, fens, and abandoned fields.

Mayapple (Can be found in upland forests and Mayapple Woods)

Cream Baptisia (Can be found in prairie areas throughout property)

Pussy Toes  (Can be found in prairie south of the engineered wetland)

Blue Baptisia (Can be found in prairie area throughout property)


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