Mission, Vision, Values

Our Mission

To support conservation through education that awakens curiosity, engages the body, and explores connections to nature for all.

Our Vision

Healthier human and natural communities


A Sense of Place

The land at Riveredge has always and continues to be the heart-center of all that we do.  For over 50 years, volunteers and staff have labored to care for this land, to showcase the rich diversity of its habitats.  The result is a gift to everyone who walks its paths.  Our land—prairies, forests, wetlands—inspires our work to bring nature to communities.  From schoolyards to backyards, Riveredge is committed to connecting everyone to nature where they are.



Adventure is a priority, in those we hire, how we work, and the experiences we provide.  Through outdoor adventures on the land, in the tree tops, and along the river, we challenge our bodies and refresh our spirits while developing a deep appreciation for the natural environment.  We are committed to connecting all generations to the natural world and, just as importantly, to each other.  We use adventure to re-engage current “Riveredge Kids” and connect new audiences with the natural world.



Our hands-on, inquiry-based programs help learners of all ages build lifelong relationships with the natural world.  Our educators draw in students by fostering wonder, curiosity, and delight.  The student’s discoveries transform and deepen their understanding of the world around them.  Riveredge has a history of being a leader in research; it mentors students in education, land stewardship and ecological studies and serves as a resource for professional researchers.



Joy in the outdoors is a fundamental principle we foster every day—for our visitors, volunteers, students, board, and staff.  Time spent in nature each day often results in happiness and well-being. Increasingly, research shows the physical and mental health benefits of time spent outdoors. We are working to promote the great outdoors as the best preventative medicine!

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