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4458 County Hwy Y Saukville, WI 53080

Enjoy nature in one of the most beautifully restored natural sanctuaries in Southeastern Wisconsin, an easy drive from Ozaukee, Washington, and Milwaukee counties. Hike over 10 miles of trails that journey through forests, prairies, ponds, and Milwaukee River frontage. Discover this Wisconsin hidden gem! As the region’s oldest independent nature center, we can’t wait to share our growing legacy with you.

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Abloom Farm – Gorgeously appointed boutique stay, five minute drive from Riveredge Nature Center.


Pet Policy

Riveredge Nature Center does not allow pets. Domesticated pets both on and off leash can be disruptive to native and migratory wildlife habitat, which we work hard to cultivate. Thank you for your understanding and please watch the video explaining reasons behind our pet policy; a list of dozens of parks where people can walk with their pets can be found here.

Nets and Tools Policy

Riveredge does not permit the use of nets or tools while exploring in the ponds. Frogs and amphibians breathe through their skin and nets and tools can damage their skin, making it difficult for them to breathe and survive. For this reason, we don’t use nets or tools during our pond exploration programs. Additionally, nets are an extremely easy way for invasive species to be introduced into new locations, and make vulnerable this sanctuary that we work so hard to cultivate for native and migratory wildlife. Check out this video explaining how to catch a frog with your hands.

Drones and Photography Policy

Riveredge Nature Center does not permit drone flying, drone video, or drone photography onsite or within its airspace. Drones can be disruptive to birds and other wildlife, as well as the experience of anyone visiting to immerse themselves in this tranquil restored native habitat. Terrestrial photography is gladly welcomed; all participants must stay on trails. If visiting Riveredge specifically for a large scale or professional photo shoot (graduation, wedding, anniversary, family pictures, et cetera), one of the people in the group must be a member of Riveredge.

Fishing Policy

Fishing is permitted at Heron Pond. Please see our map for how to hike to Heron Pond. We do teach some fishing classes at other locations throughout the property, though these waters are not generally open to fishing. If one is accessing the Milwaukee River via Riveredge (parking, trails, et cetera), then being a member or paying the trail fee is required. The Milwaukee River is a public waterway, and as such is open to the public to paddle through, fish, swim, et cetera. Fishing is welcome from inside the river (standing, floating) but not permitted from Riveredge banks.

What Will you experience?

A natural wonderland

“Spent an afternoon at Riveredge Nature Center during our summer visit to Wisconsin. It was amazing! Our kids enjoyed hanging out with the resident turtles, and walking the gorgeous trails along the river.”

-Riveredge Visitor

Riveredge is a great place for the nature lover. There is much to explore. The property has many different habitats, each bringing its own variety of wildlife and scenery.

– Matthew D.



With more than 485 acres of land and ten miles of meandering trails, wild Wisconsin is closer than you imagine.

A sense of place

From schoolyards to backyards to the Riveredge natural sanctuary, Riveredge is committed to connecting everyone with nature right where they are.

“Riveredge is a beautiful and wonderful place that surrounds you with nature and makes you feel good just being there.”

Riveredge Visitor


Through outdoor adventures on the land, in the treetops, and along the river, we challenge our bodies and refresh our spirits while developing a deep appreciation for the natural environment


Our hands-on, inquiry-based programs help learners of all ages build lifelong relationships with the natural world


Joy in the outdoors is a fundamental principle we foster every day – for our visitors, volunteers, students, board, and staff

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