Homeschool Ed-Ventures

Homeschool Ed-ventures is a science education program designed for homeschooled children who enjoy hands-on learning and outdoor adventure.

Taught in the “Riveredge style,” each small class of students…

Engages in cooperative, inquiry-based learning
Are guided by professionally trained educators
Learn primarily outdoors
Develop a strong sense of place
Connect to other homeschooled families from around SE Wisconsin

“Showed my child new and inventive ways to explore and play in nature. Developed appreciation for all the details to be found in the flora and fauna right here where we live. Helped child feel confident getting hands dirty, picking up bugs, exploring. Broadened child’s ideas of what to do outdoors. Great foundational, hands-on science instruction that will stick with kids all their lives. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!”

Homeschool presentation for interested families


“Really sparked my daughter’s interest in the topics covered. Made her want to learn more and take the extra step in her assignments. She now views herself as someone who is really into learning about the environment.”

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