Kayak and Canoe at Riveredge

What would Riveredge be without opportunities to explore our beautiful nearby waterways? The Riveredge staff hosts group kayak outings throughout the Kettle Moraine area at rivers, lakes, and ponds. We offer a variety of different excursions depending on your paddling experience and comfort level. From learning-focused beginner experiences in still water to adventurous paddling out on the open water, we can cater to your group’s unique needs. Just let us know the skill levels and ages of those in your group seeking to kayak, and we’ll do the rest.

Riveredge hosts group kayaking outings from May through September, weather and location permitting. We partner with paddling sites throughout Sheboygan, Dodge, Washington, and Ozaukee counties. Some of the places we regularly host group kayaking experiences include the Milwaukee River, Horicon Marsh, Sheboygan Marsh, Long Lake, Mauthe Lake, and Yahr Park.

We also have Friday Night Paddles that anyone can sign up for! These guided paddles staffed by Riveredge experts have set locations, dates, and times throughout the season. Attend just one, or make it a habit… We are ready to paddle into the weekend with you.

  • Friday Night Paddles

    Throughout the warmer months, we have Friday Night Paddles that anyone can sign up for. Check out our event calendar to find a Friday that works for you, and sign up!

    Riveredge Event Calendar
  • Get set up for a group kayaking outing!

    Looking for a private paddling experience just for your friends, family, or coworkers? Tell us about your group: number of participants, ages, and skill levels. Then, we’ll take it from there.

    Email your request to Bailey Veal!


What does Riveredge provide during a kayaking or canoeing event or outing? 

Our guide will transport kayaks (or canoes), personal flotation devices for each participant, and a paddle for each vessel to the agreed location for your adventure.

Do you rent kayaks? Can I pick them up and drop them off? 

No. We load our kayaks on our trailer, meet you at the agreed-upon natural area, and join you on the river with a complete safety explanation prior to everyone getting in the water. Our insurance requires that Riveredge staff are present and facilitating programs at all times when our equipment is in use.

Do you ever cancel?

While cancelling is never ideal, kayaking is weather-dependent. High winds, thunderstorms, and high or low waters levels may result in cancellation. In the event of inclement weather, we try to reschedule to another date that works for both parties. If we are unable to do so, you will receive a refund in full.

I know how to swim. Do I have to wear a life vest?

Yes, all participants are required to wear vests for the entire time while in the water or piloting a kayak, canoe, innertube, or other Riveredge water vessel. Participants are welcome to bring their own approved and well-fitting PFDs. Otherwise, we will provide them.

Can we fish while in the kayaks?

Our kayaks are not specifically designed for fishing, but may be used to do so. Participants must follow all state and local regulations while fishing.

What should I wear?

Please make sure your group checks the forecast prior to arriving and be prepared for the likely weather. You may want to have sunscreen and insect repellent depending on the time of year and location. Make sure that you’re wearing clothes and footwear that you’re comfortable getting wet and being wet in. Most launches will require wet entry and shoes that can get wet while staying firmly on your feet (no crocs, flip flops, etc). Cotton clothing is not recommended for paddling excursions.

Do you have dry bags? Will my phone get wet? 

We do not provide dry bags for equipment, but they can be easily purchased at your local outdoor gear store. Since this is a water sport, it’s smart to have a waterproof phone case if you plan on bringing your cell phone. Riveredge is not responsible for anything that gets wet while out on the water.  Participants are welcome to store their keys, belongings, in our locked Riveredge vehicle; however, we are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Hey… if we’re all adults here, can we bring alcohol? Or something else? 

Alcohol or other controlled substance use before and during a Riveredge paddle is prohibited. Please feel free to pack and enjoy your adult beverages after our paddle, if permitted at the site.

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