*Ecological Restoration (Habitat Healers) | Year-Round

Details – Our Habitat Healers crew powers many important restoration projects at Riveredge. From removing invasive species to collecting prairie seeds, there’s always work to be done to help retain and improve the quality of Riveredge’s varied habitats. Habitat Healers is one of Riveredge’s longest-running, impactful volunteer efforts. The group has been meeting regularly since the 1990’s! 

Time Commitment – Wednesdays from 9am-12pm. If there is enough interest in a different day or time, we are open to potentially adding restoration days to accommodate alternative availability.

Age Requirement – Individuals must be at least 18 years old. Some exceptions made for volunteers who are 16-18, with a signed parent or guardian letter if under 18. 

*Lake Sturgeon Rehabilitation Team | May – September

Details – After disappearing due to pollution, habitat loss, and overfishing, volunteers have the opportunity to join our efforts in returning the native Lake Sturgeon back to the Milwaukee River’s Great Lakes ecosystem. Each year 1,000-1,500 sturgeon are raised in a streamside rearing facility that circulates water from the MIlwaukee River through the tanks, so they may imprint on it as they grow. Volunteers are essential to the project to maximize the sturgeons’ chance of survival. Tasks include tracking the number of fish, providing feedings, performing water quality tests, and monitoring the daily operations of the facility.

Time Commitment – Once the fish hatch in early May, volunteers are asked to come in at 9:00am for about two hours once a week, working in groups of two to three people, until they are released at the end of September.

Age Requirement – Individuals must be at least 18 years old.

*Water Quality Monitor | April – September

Details – During the warmer months, do you find yourself by the river at least once a month? If you answered yes, you are a prime candidate to be trained for water quality monitoring! A partnership between Riveredge and Milwaukee Riverkeeper will train volunteers in this program and loan them the equipment they need to monitor a designated area within the Milwaukee River Watershed. Volunteers do a habitat assessment and collect data on the stream flow, water temperature, clarity, and dissolved oxygen levels of the water in their stretch of the river. Data that is collected is primarily used for educational purposes. Essentially, volunteer monitors commit to monitoring a stream near them once a month, on roughly the same day and time each month.

Monitoring tends to be more enjoyable and easier if you have a partner, so encourage a friend to sign up as well. The qualifications to participate in WAV are not restrictive but are important. No science background is necessary, but volunteers must be dedicated, meticulous, and physically able to walk in and along the river to access monitoring sites. Additionally, volunteers are responsible to collect data on a monthly basis throughout the spring and summer and report the data to an online database. 

Time Commitment – Once a month, during warmer months

Age Requirement – Volunteers need to be at least 10 years old, with a signed parent or guardian letter if under 18 years. Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Details – Citizen science is defined as scientific research conducted with participation from the public (who are sometimes referred to as amateur/non-professional scientists). Citizen Science opportunities include species inventories like butterfly, dragonfly, and bird counts, frog and toad surveys, and other science-oriented projects.

Time Commitment – Time commitment varies from once a month, to once a year, to once a week depending on which team(s) the volunteer is interested in joining. 

Age Requirement – Volunteers need to be 15 years old, with a signed parent or guardian letter if under 18 years. Some exceptions are made for volunteers between 10-15 years old depending on opportunity. 

*Agroforestry | COMING SOON

More details to come!


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