What’s Blooming at Riveredge? An Updated Phenology Report

One of the fantastic Riveredge volunteers, who has been exploring Riveredge trails for years to both take photographs and record observations, is letting us know what she sees blooming at Riveredge. In scientific terms, this is called “Phenology.” What is phenology? It’s very similar to another word, phenomenon. Phenology means what happens, and when, in nature. Some of the most common examples are: when flowers are blooming, when buds are present, when specific migratory bird species return, when birds are nesting.

Chances are, you already notice phenology you just might not call it that. If you notice when your garden is blooming, when the trees are budding, or when butterflies return to the skies – you’re observing phenology! Read below to learn what you can find along the trails when you visit Riveredge Nature Center right now.

False Rue Anemone
False Rue Anemone


Penn Sedge
Spring Beauty
False Rue Anemone
Dutchman’s Breeches
Marsh Marigold
Blue Violet
Spring Beauty
Wild Ginger
Wood Anemone
Prairie Smoke
Swamp Buttercup
Prairie Buttercup
Large Flowered Trillium
Jack in the Pulpit -P
Blue Cohosh – P
Downy Yellow Violet
Kidney Leaved Buttercup
Wood Betony
Hoary Puccoon
Wild Blue Phlox
Pussy Toes
Nodding Trillium
Early Meadow Rue
Heart Leaved Golden Alexander
Wild Geranium
Common Valerian
Cleaver’s Bedstraw
Lyre Leaved Rock Cress
Wild Columbine
Kitten Tails
Golden Alexander
Jacob’s Ladder
Red Trillium
Starry False Solomon’s Seal

Virginia Waterleaf at Riveredge Nature Center
Virginia Waterleaf

Flower Buds Present

Virginia Waterleaf

Pale Purple Coneflower

Sprouting/leaves Present

Swamp Lousewort
Prairie Dock
Pale Purple Coneflower

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